Bobbie Napier - From Kansas to Mallorca

9 September 2018

Bobbie Napier

Wife, Mother, Registered Nurse, Crypto-currency Investor and partner in Affordable Mallorca

“A chance encounter with Memphis has turned into an investment in this website and business. We are excited that we now have an investment in a business on the island that offers us many return trips from the States.”

Byron Bobbie Friend Cat

Some people pick up new friends at a bar. I spend more time in airports than bars these days and got lucky with meeting Bobbie at the Palma airport. What I first noticed was her American accent. I’m American and there aren’t many of us here in Mallorca. Bobbie has a welcoming smile, glint in her eyes, and fun purple streaks in her brunette hair - all gave me the feeling that she was accessible. I struck up a conversation, “Is this your first visit to Mallorca?” Her response was the beginning of a delightful friendship and business partnership. Here’s a synopsis of her answers to the first questions I asked her for this profile:

Where are you from? Where do you live now?

Bobbie: We live in the southeast corner of Kansas, not far from Missouri and Arkansas. My husband, Duane, and I have been in that area our entire lives. We talk about moving but our family is in Kansas. We travel for pleasure and business, which is how we came to Mallorca.

What brought you to Mallorca?

Bobbie: Have you ever heard of Bitcoin? My husband has been professionally involved in network marketing. We had a meeting with a company we were involved with and were there with other top leaders of the company. We were in Mallorca for eight days. We’d never been on an island before. This was a new experience. We met so many people and have many relationships with like-minded people who want what we want – financial freedom and to see where digital currencies will go.

Where is that?

“Think about what happens when you try to send money. The banks ask all kinds of questions and charge outrageous fees. Nobody should be able to tell you where you can send your money. And we need to get out of paying all those fees. That’s insane.”

At this point, my interest was totally piqued. I had been reading about Bitcoin and wanting to learn more. My next question was, 'Do you have any idea how to use Bitcoin to purchase real estate?' This question began a conversation that is continuing today. More on that later.

What is your professional job?

Bobbie: I am a licensed nurse. Our daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic illness. She’s only one in four known cases in the world with this condition. This is a new disease. I was taking more time off of work to be with her and take her to doctors' appointments. My husband got involved with Bitcoin in October 2016. This is when our daughter was in the hospital, yet to be diagnosed. By May 2017, things started looking up for us. In August 2017, I was preparing to leave work full time. We had made enough money for me to stop working full-time at the hospital and devote my time to our new business and our family.

What were your first impressions of the island? Any favorite memories?

Bobbie: We stayed really busy. This trip was amazing! Catamaran sailing was so much fun. When we put our feet in, we could see how clear the water is.

Bobbie And Byron With Feet In Mediterranean

We’d never been sailing so that was so much fun. The scenery and the cliffs, the way people’s homes are built. To think of how long some of those homes have been there, that was baffling and awe inspiring. We were able to socialize with so many people at Wellie’s, in Puerto Portals. I had one of the best Pina Coladas I ever tasted. I absolutely loved it! We had a Treasure Hunt all over the island. We got to see the island, which is beautiful.

Bobbie And Byron  In Mallorca

What attracted you to Affordable Mallorca?

Bobbie: I find it amazing. First, to have a site that is geared toward a middle-class market is good. People who are managing their money want to be practical when it comes to spending it. I would like to see what the opportunity is with digital currencies in retail and with our advertisers. AM has big plans to connect home buyers who hold Bitcoin with sellers who want access to a larger market than traditional buyers.

What do you want AM to stand for?

Bobbie: Obviously, I think it’s important to have a family-oriented site – clean and safe, for all ages. We are trustworthy and loyal to our audience, to our customers and to the people around us. More than anything, AM is a strong team with a good understanding of how to share our experiences in creating personal financial freedom.

What do you want to help people discover about Mallorca?

Bobbie: When we were visiting, when we got a chance away from the tourism-side and drive around to see where people live, those are probably the most beautiful and scenic areas. The water is so clear, all the way to the seabed – like the brightest blue color and you can see through the water! The homes on the cliffs are amazing – get a car and see the island. Find that house of your dreams.

What would you want families to know about AM?

Bobbie: Just be open to exploring the island through our site. Definitely keep checking out the website to see what is happening. We’re doing a lot of research for you. As we develop the property pages – we’ll have links to show people how to purchase many things with crypto. Much more will be happening in the coming year. Stay tuned.

Tell us about Crypto Currencies. Other than the wealth that can be built, what is your biggest hope for the digital currency opportunity? What’s your vision?

Bobbie: I had a hard time grasping the concept as to what it was until I sat and listened to Duane on one of his webinars. Everybody can understand that currencies are expensive to exchange and money is hard to transfer. The mortgage industry is highly regulated. Money makes the world go around. When I finally grasped the Bitcoin thing, it just made sense. Look at phone, look at email – how did we do that? Morse code, snail mail. Instant email. Think of how much in fees you pay to your bank – you store your money in your account and they have service charges on your money that they use to invest for their balance sheet. Only by trading your money, banks make billions of dollars. With Bitcoin and crypto currencies, you don’t have the middle man and government can’t control it. With blockchain through a reputable exchange like Coinbase or Gemini, you can watch the transaction in real time. It’s getting the power back to the people and the people can control their wealth. I imagine other currencies might overtake Bitcoin and Ethereum one day. As more people are able to use it, more people will see how this is the future of a value exchange.

Writer’s disclaimer: Bobbie is a partner in Affordable Mallorca. The writer is biased because she is impressed by Bobbie’s attitude of friendliness combined with an astute mind for business. We’re partners for a reason.

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9 September, 2018


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