Watermelon and Garlic Gazpacho Recipe

Watermelon & Garlic Gazpacho Recipe #

This recipe will cool you down AND drive mosquitos away! Can't survive a summer in Mallorca without it …

Ingredients (serves 4) #

50 g raw almonds

1 bun-sized piece of dry white bread or 2 slices of toast

2 – 3 garlic cloves

½ glass of sherry vinegar

1 glass of olive oil

¼ water melon

salt + pepper

1 glass of apple vinegar

a few mint leaves for decoration

  • Separately, soak bread and almonds in water and leave in fridge for about 2 hours.
  • Keep water melon in fridge overnight. Peel, remove pips and dice roughly.
  • Strain almonds, press out bread, whiz in blender together with all other ingredients and … enjoy!


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