ULTIMATE GUIDE Relocating to Spain

9 September 2019

You've done enough dreaming about a life in Spain? There are many important things to consider before leaving your old home behind and moving to another country. Probably you have a thousand questions to ask. How can I work in Spain legally? Which documents do I need? How about health insurance? The quality of healthcare? Schools? What's the cost of importing my car? What are the formalities for bringing my pets? And how can I make a living?

In our Ultimate Guide Relocating to Mallorca, you will find all the information you need for moving to Spain and, specifically, the Balearic Islands.

Find a Home

Happy Love Home Togetehr

NIE and Residencia for EU Citizens

Paperworks Spain Residency

NIE and Residencia for Non-EU Citizens

Couple Paperworks Happy

Setting up a Spanish Bank Account

Piggy Bank Sea Sand

Paying Your Taxes in Spain

Help Paperworks Residency

Drive a car

Car Crazy Lookings Family

Getting Good Healthcare

Capsules ticket euro european health insurance

Moving as a family

Happy Family Moving To Mallorca

Bring your pets

Cat Dog Friends

Making a living

Girl Working Laptop

9 September, 2019


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