Tornadoes on Mallorca

10 September 2019

The rainy season has arrived – with a big clap of thunder!

There is not a single soul on Mallorca (well, maybe apart from the tourists) who hasn't waited for this moment– rain at last! After one of the hottest and driest summers on record, people are dreaming of waterfalls and lush fields, of going outside without being roasted in the sun, of not dissolving in sweat at the smallest exertion, and – most of all - of cooler nights! "We need water!" was the single most uttered phrase on the island. Until now.

What we had in mind in our prayers for rain was the long, gentle type of precipitation that cools down the air and freshens the atmosphere and eventually filters through to the deeper layers of the earth to reach the roots of the plant – in short: every gardener's delight.

What we got? A torrential downpour. And tornadoes on top. See for yourself!

Helmet Ahamer - Port Adriano

Helmut Ahamer

Port Andriano

photo credit: Helmut Ahamer

10 September, 2019


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