The Truth about Magaluf

19 July 2018

The Truth about Magaluf #

While it’s certainly true that Magaluf is almost entirely centered on
catering to the so-called “alcohol tourism," it may not be quite as
deserving of the negative attention it gets.

Magaluf remains one of the Island's hottest holiday destinations seeing increasing numbers of holiday makers every year. However, despite the resort's evident and growing popularity as a tourist destination, it’s still never far from controversy. Recently, it saw the closing (and subsequent re-opening) of one of its industry-dominating titans, BCM Planet Dance, in a long-standing effort to tackle local corruption. Exaggerated and sensationalistic headlines seen in international media often only serve to purport a misguided and disingenuous view of the area. While it’s certainly true that the resort is almost entirely centered on catering to the so-called “alcohol tourism”, it may not be quite as deserving of the negative attention it gets.

Safe Boozing #

One thing needs to be clear: Magaluf is a place people go to drink. Whether or not this is done safely, of course, remains purely an individual choice. It is important to consider that for every person getting themselves in trouble, there are thousands others who are able to enjoy themselves responsibly.

Credit is due to an active group of over 4,000 residents, tourists and seasonal workers, who, in recent months, have rallied together under the aptly-named “Cleaning Up Magaluf” group on Facebook. Members use this platform to organize group walks home or to hotels so no one would have to do so alone. People give up their nights to patrol the streets in group. And, they also give up precious mornings to hold town hall meetings on the subject of public safety.


A holidaymaker's post in the “Cleaning Up Magaluf” Facebook group, praising current members for their ongoing efforts to keep Magaluf safe.

Street Angels Magaluff

The Street Angels are another group that have been active since 2012.

A little extra help #

Despite well-intentioned people, sometimes things can go wrong. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, do not hesitate to contact the local authorities.

Emergency Number: 112

Ambulance: 061

Guardia Civil (Magaluf): 971 69 37 83

Policia Local (Calvia): 971 00 33 00

Time well spent #

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Magaluf without having to indulge in the so-called “Booze Cruise” culture. To help you make the most of it, here’s a little list of places that could be worth checking out. From a Pirate Adventure Show to a Western Water Park”. to opulent Beach Clubs and live concerts– Magaluf caters to all tastes and age groups and allows you to do pretty much whatever you please - whether for better or worse.

Pirates Adventure Show: A night-time dinner show consisting of a humorous, outrageous and visually stunning acrobatics performance that offers both a family-friendly version and an uncensored show for adults (Ages 18 and up).

Contact: +34 971 130 659 or

Go-Karting: Situated just across the road from Pirate’s Adventure Show is Magaluf’s own Go-Karting circuit, where children of all ages as well as adults can rent a Go-Kart and take to the tracks.

Contact: +34 971 13 17 34 or

Western Water Park: Roughly 500 metres from the Go-Karting circuit you’ll find a bustling Western-Themed water park equipped with an astonishing variety of rides. Those seeking relaxation can take one of the provided rubber rings and float around the Wild River, which spans the entire circumference of the park and isn’t quite as wild as the name implies. Adrenaline seekers may want to brave La Bestia, a collection of four terrifyingly fun slides; the infamous “yellow slide” and its thirty metre vertical drop is sure to challenge even the most daring of visitors. There are plenty of kids' areas, as well as swimming pools, wave pools and hot tubs. Lawn, sunbeds and parasols are all provided for those wanting a break from the water. The park does, of course, also offer many food options, mainly consisting of typical theme-park food with a few restaurants thrown in. A much more economically viable choice would be to bring a packed lunch, as the typical theme park food is also unfortunately accompanied by a typical theme park price tag.


Nikki Beach: The infamously opulent brand of beach clubs that has made its way around the globe has also found a home in Magaluf. Situated roughly 500 metres from Pirates Adventure Show, Nikki Beach boasts all the amenities you would expect from a brand that is synonymous with luxury; private valeted parking, lounging areas, swimming pools and VIP packages all on the beachfront. Oh, and champagne. Lots of champagne.

Contact: +34 971 123 962 & +34 697 164 853

Bondi Beach: An amazing beach club alternative for those of you who don’t want to compromise on quality, atmosphere or service, but don’t quite want to drop the hefty bucks Nikki Beach demands. Bondi Beach offers a refreshing touch of luxury on the Magaluf strip, while remaining less ostentatious than Nikki Beach.

+34 637 635 310

BH Mallorca: BH Mallorca doubles as both a hotel and a concert venue, making it a great choice for music lovers and an awful one for those who seek a quiet getaway. Both of these statements are reinforced by the fact that the stages boast state of the art sound systems, which, twice a week, are put to use hosting some of the world's most prominent artists.

+34 971 922 980

Sport aficionados will find no shortage of bars showing the latest games along the strip.

Neighbouring beaches offer a variety of water sports; Jet Skiing, diving, parasailing as well as renting a banana boat/rings/flybuses are all activities one can indulge in.

Families wanting to spend a day by the sea would probably find themselves more at home taking a short ten minute walk to the neighbouring beaches of Palmanova.

All considered, we might agree it’s not quite time to hammer the last nail in the coffin just yet.

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19 July, 2018


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