Rock Climbing in Mallorca

5 September 2018

Choose among Mallorca's captivating cliffs and countless crags to find your own personal climbing challenge.

Whether you’re a fledgling or an Albatross, when it comes to climbing, Mallorca has an abundance of limestone and a dramatic rugged coastline waiting for you to swoop in and scope out

Girl Climbing Rock Wall

Why climb in Mallorca? #

Sure, you could join a gym or run along the plentiful sandy beaches, but doesn’t getting immersed in nature and entangled amongst the geology make exercise sound far more exhilarating?

UKClimbing one the most successful and established rock climbing websites launched back in 1995, two years before the mega-famous Rockfax, with whom they later merged creating an even more expansive climbers forum and guide, refers to Mallorca as the climbing ‘Jewel of the Med’ …and a jewel it is. Check our the Rockfax guide to find the best climbing spots in Mallorca

Mallorca’s convenient geographical plot along with the island’s manageable size and competent road systems, makes climbing accessible not only for the Spanish, but for all Europeans and other world travelers to enjoy. The Tramuntana Mountains bestow hundreds of unique climbs for every different skill level. The cliffs and coastline are nothing shy of a playground for rock climbers, boulderers and deep water soloists.

How to get started with Climbing #

Fledgling: If you’re new to rock climbing it’s important to recognise it is an extreme sport. This isn’t beach volleyball or speed-walking. Rock climbing isn’t the sort of sport where you can just ‘wing it’. Owning all the equipment isn’t enough. It’s absolutely crucial to know what you’re doing and to have experienced climbers with you when you’re starting out.

Indoor Climbing

What will you need to go climbing #

Now that you’ve fallen in love with climbing, you’re ready to get your own equipment. You’ll need a harness, one that fits properly, slings, belay plates, several carabiner’s (I have 10), rope (I choose an 80 metre rope), a fitted helmet, chalk and chalk-bag, proper climbing shoes and comfortable clothes. Support Foracorda, one of Mallorca’s local climbing shops, or pop into Decathlon where you can also find everything you'll need, possibly some picnic equipment so you can make a day of it.

Both birds, fledgling and Albatross, must own a copy of Mallorca: Sport Climbing and Deep Water Soloing, by Mark Glaister, Alan James, and Daimon Beail. The user-friendly layout divides the book into locations, labels the climbs using the world-recognized skill level number system, and even uses symbols to help you plan and prepare for the climb of your choice.

Albatross: Inside the book you’ll find the Top 50 climbs on the island. There’s a challenge for you!

Where to find the climbers? #

Climbers have a reputation of being free-spirited, friendly people which makes the old fashioned ‘get amongst it’ tactic the easiest approach when getting involved with the island’s climbing community.

If you are looking for a more organised method to link up with your fellow climbers then, like most things in today’s world, get online! There is a well-known, active climbing online community forum called, offering location specifics, personal experiences and unique insight to the climbs around the island

Girl Gone International often hosts climbing meet-ups or you can always take lessons with companies like Món d’Aventura.

or Rock and Ride Mallorca who have qualified climbing instructors as well as an excellent reputation and a five-star rating on Google.

How safe is climbing? #

When dealing with an extreme sport the topic of safety must be breached. There are the obvious safety elements like bringing someone with experience along with you, packing a medical kit, sun cream, lots of water, and testing your equipment before ascending. Then there are the other topics a fledgling might think of, whereas the ole Albatross may not, like how safe are the bolts climbers clip onto?

Excellent and equally fair question. In 2017 Rockfax, along with the help of donations made from the close-knit climbing community, made a healthy contribution to ensure climbers safely right here in Santanyi, Mallorca, by replacing old weathered bolts with new long lasting titanium ones.

Girl Climbing Cave Sea

The community itself is what keeps the climbers safe and well. It’s a ‘social responsibility’ sport, and if you ever find that a climb doesn’t seem safe, don’t risk it.

Safety has a lot to do with when and where you climb and at what time of year it is. Like with all outdoor sports, there are good times and not-so-good times. Mallorca’s summer months, specifically July and August, are simply too hot. Stick to deep water soloing instead. On the other hand, during the winter, the island is susceptible to copious amounts of rain, therefore, it’s important to check the local weather the day before.

Es Pontas

For the sheer joy of it …

Rock climbing is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Along with the sweat dripping down your back as you lug around your equipment and heavy bottles of water, the scrapes, cuts and broken nails, the knee knocking and arm trembling, the deep breaths before you risk that difficult reach, the one you’re not certain you can make… all that hard work pays off when you reach summit and get your moment. You look around, overwhelmed with a sense of sincere satisfaction. A successful climb rockets you in to the present moment, and only there can you truly enjoy the limitless beauty surrounding you.

AM Fun Fact: World famous American professional rock climber and deep water soloist, Chris Sharma, has his own signature climb in Mallorca called Es Pontas, which he actually refers to on the homepage of his personal website! How’s that for a compliment?


5 September, 2018


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