Meet Our Team

Memphis Holland, Founder #

Memphis was educated at George Washington University at Mount Vernon Campus in Washington, D.C., with an advanced degree in Economics and Marketing, a minor in Psychology – Consumer Behavior. She furthered her education at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (UK) where HRH Prince of Wales sponsored a program for business leaders to develop corporate responses to sustainability challenges. Over her 35 year career, Memphis has held Chair and CEO-positions in international businesses and non-profit boards. Since 1984, Memphis has lived and worked on the island – full and part-time. She created Affordable Mallorca in 2018 after seeing a gap in real estate services in Spain. Most would agree, Memphis knows Mallorca. Given her business experience as a publisher and real estate developer, combined with her long-term financial holdings in currency exchange and wire transfer businesses, she took her personal need to navigate her life, uncovered a rich business opportunity and discovered a way to a more efficient process of buying, selling and investing in real estate.

This company is about discovery, transparency and access to the Affordable Mallorca. To read career track and board placements | Memphis Holland on LinkedIn

Ulla Seeberg, Editor #

Ulla is a professional multilingual translator and interpreter and the writer of more than twenty non-fiction books on psychological topics as well as health and wellbeing inspired by her second career in psychological and health counselling. She fell in love with Mallorca more than thirty years ago when she first came to the island at the invitation of a Mallorquín couple she had met in her native Germany. On her Andratx finca, she and her husband created their own little Mediterranean nature reserve and paradise – the ideal place for her outdoors office where, in the company of her cats and other beings of the garden, she writes and edits and manages the team of writers for the Magazine by Affordable Mallorca.

Vincent Hoonings, Head of Business Development #

Vincent is strictly a hands-on person. Born to Dutch parents, grown up on Mallorca in an international community he converses fluently in all languages spoken whether it be Spanish, English, Dutch or German. Not yet twenty, he travelled Europe to earn his living as a sales representative attending over 100 trade shows learning the trade of sales before returning to Mallorca and set up his own furniture Shop in the Port of Andratx - the first of three start-ups he led.

As an autodidact he has, over the years, acquired extensive knowledge on computer software and website programming, the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies, and business development. At Affordable Mallorca he presently dedicates his time and energy to the launch of the Real Estate Listing Platform and a blockchain based Document Storage and tool that will make the transfer of important documents like title deeds a breeze.

Adèle Chrétien, Social Media Manager #

Born and raised in France, Adèle started to travel the world when she was 15. After spending several years in Australia, she moved to Northern Ireland where she studied Digital Design at Ulster University (Northern Ireland), before settling down on Mallorca some two years ago. Here, she started working as a digital marketing intern and then as an assistant for a fashion designer before she decided to set up her own company, Yello There, helping entrepreneurs to find their voice on Social Media. What she loves about Mallorca is the freedom and peaceful lifestyle here – and, of course, working with Affordable Mallorca.

Holly Veneman, Client Solutions #

Holly and her family hike the whole of Tramuntana, use rubbber shoes to snorkel near rocky coves, bike around Palma, volunteer at local charities, have leisurely meals with the extended family and have loads of happy local and international friends. Holly is a hispanophile. Born in a small beach town in California, she spent a great part of her childhood living in 4 different Latin American countries. The family moved back to Corona del Mar, California and later studied Hispanic Literature and International Relations in UC Santa Barbara and in Complutense, Madrid. She built a career in business development for multinationals in Latin America for over 15 years - until she met a Mallorquin - and moved to the island 16 years ago. She started a business development freelance company, worked in multiple sectors on the island, including the local luxury sector for 5 years. Holly now dedicates her energy to promote the simple island lifestyle she herself enjoys. She helps local businesses flourish with Affordable Mallorca using advertising, social media and events.

Stephanie Horsman, Writer #

Stephanie has been a writer for what is probably close to a zillion years, with a career that has taken her from Los Angeles to New York and finally, Europe. She has written for television, advertising and radio, as well as her more recent foray into journalistic endeavours. She lived in Monaco and the South of France from 2003 until 2017, and after a brief time doing absolutely as little as possible on Barbados, returned to Europe, where she is now living here on Mallorca with her family, dogs and a big, fat cat.


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