Cala d’Egos, Port Andratx

15 July 2018

Cala d’Egos, Port Andratx #

Beautiful remote cove, ideal by boat.

A remote beach prized by locals, accessible only by boat or down a steep, approx. 1.5 km long path along the face of surrounding cliffs. Either way, the reward is worth the effort! The V-shaped sea inlet finishes on a beautiful virgin cove, with a huge canyon at the rear irrigated by a torrent, low cliffs and a pebble beach. These elements combine into a very dry and steep landscape with vegetation of scrubland and pine trees.The trees right next to the pebbly beach offer shade, and conditions for diving and snorkeling are perfect, but you'll have to lug down your own gear.

To find such a pristine and deserted cove is an absolute rarity, on an island like Mallorca with its extensive tourist infrastructure.

How to get there #

Located on the Club de Vela side of Port Andratx, you drive passed Mon Port Hotel & Spa and wind around to the top of the hill after you see a few mega mansions. No signage exists for this remote place that the locals love. But just keep exploring, driving to the top of the hill and you'll see a parking area across from the gated mansion on top. Park on the left, walk up and see the vistas of the Med. Follow the path down to the sea.

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AM Tip: Go to the bathroom before driving here. No facilities exist. Take a large bottle of water and a snack if you want to lounge on the beach for a while. A good backpack is a must.

Thinking of popping the question? Celebrating a romantic anniversary? Need a day of peaceful seclusion?

A peaceful place to camp? The surrounding cliffs and lack of tourists make this an off the beaten path retreat. Away from the hustle of Port Andratx, Cala d'Egos is a slice of heaven and a great place to see the stars. For more on the area: Port Andratx: A mecca for sun, fun and tranquility year round.

15 July, 2018


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