Art Night in S'Arraco

22 July 2019

During the Nit de l'Art, over 150 artists turn the village into one big international gallery

On Thursday, 25th of July, S'Arraco is host to the 9th edition of the Nit de l'Art with a record participation of artists – more than 150 painters, sculptors, designers, photographers and audiovisual artists will show their work and bring colour and life to even the remotest corners of this quaint little village in the Tramuntana mountains.

Last year, more than 5,000 visitors were drawn to this event which has become a must-see for art lovers from all over the island. The artists on show are a truly international lot. Mixed in with locals and Spanish mainlanders, Argentinians, Brits, Frenchmen, Germans, Austrians, Swiss, Swedes, Poles, Bulgarians are on show. There are hobby artists among them, but many professionals with an international show record, too.

Twelve music bands and individual performers will set up stage in different parts of the village, adding to the flamboyant flair. Many restaurants and bars stay open through the night, offering tapas and local specialities to make sure you won't go hungry.

The Nit de l'Art is organized by S'Arraco's Art Society – Asociación Arte S'Arracó - and the cultural department of the Andratx Town Hall.

Affordable Mallorca Tip: It's definitely not a good idea to take your car as parking space is limited and things can get chaotic on the narrow roads leading to the village. I was lucky last year to be allowed into the private car park of a friend living nearby for otherwise the police would have forced me to drive on past the village. This year I am sure to hop on one of the free shuttle buses offered by the Andratx Town Hall – and you'd better do that, too.

  • Between 8 p.m. to 11.45 p.m. leaving every 45 minutes from Andratx, the Port of Andratx, Camp de Mar and Sant Elm
  • and between 8.20 p.m. to 1 a.m. back from S'Arraco to either one of these four destinations.

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22 July, 2019


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